The Ergo Advantage modular tile has been designed with 5S requisites in mind

The tiles easily lock together to organize an area rather than having mats placed sporadically on the floor. 

A partial or entire area can be covered without taping or sliding. 

Custom design the work area to avoid negative ergonomic effects of employees travelling on and off mats. 

Different color options allow your company to identify and arrange your work areas. 

Maintenance is not a problem with the Ergo Advantage tile. The tiles can be power washed and won’t collect dust like most foam mats. 

Standardization with Ergo Advantage tiles help maintain a consistent appearance throughout the plant. The yellow safety border makes the statement that your facility is serious about safety. 

Companies are proud to host plant tours once they have standardized with Ergo Advantage. With our 20 year durability, sustainability of this product is effortless. Edges won’t curl, and the product is easy to reconfigure as lines change. As our name suggests, mats are no longer going to the landfill every couple of years.

So to maintain 5S standards in your plant, you can be confident, Ergo Advantage has you covered.