• Regular Tiles
  • Gritted Tiles
  • Safety Edging
  • Six inch tile

Taking care of your tiles

The following list of instructions will help: Maintain the appearance of the tiles Maintain the effectiveness of the grit material on the tiles Prevent premature wear of tiles.

1. Use warm water and mild industrial or domestic detergent mix to loosen up oils and dirt from the Grit tiles (wait 5 - 10 minutes for oils and dirt to break-up)

2. Scrub down tiles with a soft bristle brush / broom

3. Rinse with low pressure warm water

Please Note:

  • Washing with high pressure water is not recommended as it may cause the Grit material to separate from the tile surface
  • High temperature water is not recommended as it may break down the bond between the Grit material and the tile surface
  • To avoid separation of the tile interlocking system, clean accumulated debris from underneath the tiles on a yearly basis