• Regular Tiles
  • Gritted Tiles
  • Safety Edging
  • Six inch tile

Safety Edging

Highly visible notification of floor height change . Allows for safe transfer
of foot and cart traffic. Silicon Carbide edge ramps protects the user from slippery flooring. Custom colours available

Part Numbers(Yellow): A3-Y(Side Female Yellow) A4-Y(Side Male Yellow) A5-Y(Corner Female Yellow) A6-Y(Corner Male Yellow)

Part Numbers(Black): A3-B(Side Female Black) A4-B(Side Male Black) A5-B(Corner Female Black) A6-B(Corner Male Black)

Part Numbers(Black Gritted): A3G-B(Side Female Gritted Black ) A4G-B(Side Male Gritted Black) A5G-B(Corner Female Gritted Black) A6G-B(Corner Male Gritted Black)

Download a spec sheet on this product (pdf)

Ergo Advantage Safety Edging is Also Available in Custom Colours

Also available in custom colours